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A Barn is an Important Space 

A barn is an important space.

A lot goes into consideration to make it the best home for your horses. What do you think makes a great barn for our four-legged friends? More importantly, what do your horses think makes a good home? When you look at building or renovating a barn, you’ll probably hear a lot of different opinions, but there are some that are true no matter the case. The biggest concern is your horses’ health, safety and comfort – they’ll be spending a lot of time there. Once you’ve covered creating a safe space for them, you should focus on the functionality, placement of tools and food and beautifying for you.

Ever wondered what horses deem a great barn and what they require? Here are some features to ensure are there that will make your horse happy:

  • Lots of natural light: Your horses thrive with natural light!
  • Plenty of ventilation: This is important for your horses, as barns are prone to dampness, mold and dust.
  • Comfortable mats for flooring in their stalls: Keep your horses comfortable!
  • Dedicated space / Sections for different needs: Gives them more space to move and feel less crowded.
  • Spacious stalls: Who doesn’t want space to curl up and get cozy?
  • Overall good condition: Horses don’t want to live in a run down barn!

After you make your horses happy, it’s time to focus on what you want and need in the barn! Here are features that will be sure to make you as happy as the horses:

  • Storage / Organization: This will be key in loving your barn! A disorganized barn can easily and quickly become the enemy.
  • Easy and convenient layout: Like clutter and lack of organization, poor layout will drive you crazy.
  • Good lighting: Not only does this help vets properly access your horses when they visit, but it helps you stay on top of any barn maintenance and avoid accidents.
  • Dedicated space / Sections for different needs: just like your horses, you need space to move your horse around, store gear and important items.
  • Separate Hay Storage: Hay can be a fire hazard, having a separate storage helps minimize any risks.
  • Protected Wiring: Barns typically have a lot of flammable materials and are generally made of wood, protecting wiring with special casing prevents rodents from gnawing and potential fires.

Whether you’re building a barn or renovating an existing structure, you should always keep safety and health top of mind. Horses need a space that has lots of natural light, clean and well-ventilated air so that they can stay in top shape. Keep these tips in mind when you’re either planning out the build of a new barn or are updating a barn!

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A Barn is an Important Space 

A lot goes into consideration to make it the best home for your horses.

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