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Being kind and compassionate to others less fortunate or in need is important to me. Please see my Dealing with Change page if you or someone you know needs a helping hand.

I love real estate!  But mostly I love helping people get to where they want to go.  Have a problem?  I’ll help you solve it!  Sure I have tons of experience and a proven track record but what makes me tick is helping you fulfill your dream and get to where you want to go.   I work hard for my folks and explain what I am doing for them every step of the way.  Communication is key to making things happen and eliminating stress for you.  You need to know what I am doing for you to get the job done and don’t worry, I’ll tell you!   No gimmicks, no nonsense, just plain old hard work. It’s a given that you want the most money for your property in today’s competitive market place and on that I can deliver.  So if you are looking for that little thatched cottage with the white picket fence, townhome, large tract of land, hobby-farm or the executive home on two acres, you can count on me – I won’t stop until I find it!Here’s what I used to do:   development and delivery of large programs and events beginning with my career as a Special Events Co-coordinator in the Ottawa marketplace and continuing on as the Regional Manager, Eastern Ontario for a National Children’s charity. In these roles I honed my skills in marketing, recruiting, training, talent development, fund raising, program development and delivery and financial accountability. I was responsible for media relations and was a frequent contributor as writer and spokesperson to local television, print and radio interviews.  What does that mean for you?  I’m creative, can calmly handle any issues and keep the stress away from you, I care deeply about the people I help and will always find a way to creatively solve any problem that arises!In my spare time I love to sing, paint and ride my horses.  I’ve been fortunate to have some amazing opportunities performing nationally and now I sing occasionally.  I paint when the muse strikes and my horses are a daily part of my life.


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