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Bringing Your Garden Indoors

Lady Byrd Johnson said that ‘where flowers bloom, there is hope.”  Now that the chill in the evening air hints at inevitable winter, this is the time to plan the indoor garden.  Why?  Because flowers really do bring hope for the middle of February and we will soon be aching to remember the warmth of the summer and promise of spring. Indoor gardens can also be used to decorate for the holidays, add fresh flavours to your meals, and give your air-tight home a wonderful fragrance of fresh, plant-purified air. You do not need a green thumb to keep an
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Winterizing Your farm

With the long and frigid days upon us, it’s important to start winterizing your barns and stables. Winterizing these structures is crucial to both the well being of your animals and outdoor equipment. It may seem daunting but it’s sure to pay off. Here are 5 steps to ensure you and your barn are ready for the winter. Cleaning This task may seem a bit out of place but it’s a crucial step in ensuring your livestock is as comfortable as possible, while being cooped up all winter. Start by removing old birds nests and cobwebs, from inside the barn.
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