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Enjoying The Winter With Your Horse 

Now that your barn is ready for the cooler months, it’s time to give yourself a break and fully enjoy some one on one time with your horse. Spending time with horses has proven to be very therapeutic for humans, and with the stress that we may be feeling throughout the pandemic and as we enter the winter season, we need all the good feelings we can get. Give some of the following activities a try and you may find that you and your horse will enjoy the winter months much more than anticipated! 


Spend quality time

Life is busy – don’t we know it! It is easy to get distracted or have work and home responsibilities pile up. Making sure we take a little extra time in the cooler months to spend with our horses will not only benefit our own mental health and well being, but it will also allow for our animals to be more stimulated instead of standing all day in a stable. Quality time could include grooming, a walk, offering treats, and any form of socialization. 


Teach him some tricks

A great way to keep your horse active in the offseason is by teaching some new tricks. This offers benefits to both you, and your animal. The horse will stay engaged and physically fit when he otherwise might not be as active, and you will reap the therapeutic benefits and de-stress with your equine-friend. Remember to be patient and offer plenty of praise for a job well done, and you are sure to have as much fun as you would riding on a warm day.

Take A Walk

If you have a beautiful sunny day on your hands, don’t let it go to waste! Take a stroll through your property or on a private trail and enjoy the scenery. Ensure to check the weather conditions before you head out and have your horse fitted with the proper shoes to provide traction and keep him safe and on his feet. You may want to keep the walk short though, as trotting through snow can tire anyone – including horses – out faster than what would occur under normal conditions in the warmer months. When you return to the barn, dry him off, offer him a blanket, and a nice reward. 


MOT and Extra Care For Your Horse 

The winter may be a good time to give your horse a good checkup on his health. If you had any worries throughout the previous season, address the issues now. Check out his teeth, address any physio needs, and make sure he is still fit and in shape throughout the colder months. The health and well-being of our animals is always important, and your horse will be grateful that you take a little extra time once or twice a year to keep him looking and feeling good. 


Take Pictures

Horses are beautiful animals, and there is nothing like watching them play in a field. With winter here, take this opportunity to make the most of the beautiful backdrop of a Canadian winter and photograph your Horse(s). You may even like to schedule a photographer to come and take some snapshots of you and your family playing with your animals in the field. There is no better family photo on a Christmas card than one that includes your big, beautiful horse, in front of your barn, in a snowy field – this just rings Hallmark!

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