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House hunting is by far the best part in buying a home! Whether you’re beginning your search online, or in person, having a good Realtor on your side can help you in finding your dream home. There are a few things you want to figure out when you begin your house hunt: your wish list, choosing an agent, and of course, finding homes!

Making Your Wish List

  • A wish list is composed of the things you that are WANTS and NEEDS in your new home! A want is something you’d like but isn’t a deal breaker, for example a hot tub, while a need is something that you have to have, for example the number of bedrooms! 

Choosing An Agent

  • Buying a home is a large decision, and the process can be stressful and emotional – but it doesn’t have to be. It is important to find an agent you are comfortable with, who will help support you through the process and is experienced with negotiations. An agent who is dedicated to your goals and needs. 

Searching for Homes Online

  • 94% of Canadians search for homes online, so you’re not alone. While there are endless real estate websites to choose from, the main one to consider is is the website that is owned by the real estate association and pulls available properties directly from the system that agents use. 
  • When you’re searching for a home online, keep an open mind. Photos and descriptions are not always representative of what the house looks like in real life. Remember to “read between the lines” when it comes to descriptions of homes for sale.

Real Life House Hunting

  • House hunting in real life gives you the opportunity to get a feel for different neighbourhoods, ask questions, and refine your wish list as you go. Working with a real estate agent you trust is the only way to guarantee you’ll be able to see the homes you want to see. 
  • It is important to make a plan when it comes to house hunting, try to focus on one neighbourhood at a time so you’re not driving back and forth. Remember to take notes and photos on the homes you visit to be able to look back on afterwards. 


Making an offer is an exciting time, and with the right realtor it can be stress free for you. You want to ensure that your offer includes everything from the price you are prepared to pay, to any inclusions that you want (such as appliances), as well as your ideal closing date and conditions that need to be met. Once you have submitted your offer, the seller can either accept, reject, or counter offer. During these back and forth negotiations, having an agent that is experienced is vital to ensure you get what you want. 


Once you have a firm deal, the closing process will begin. This will require you to be in close contact with your lawyer, and lender as they will need information from you, and of course the closing fees. The few days before you take possession are the most critical, as this will when you pay your closing fees, sign all documents, and of course, pick up the keys to your new home.

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