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Karen S 

“Hi there. I am sure that without your experience and calm demeanour I would be lying on the floor in a crumpled heap crying.
Hey. How is that for a testimonial!??"

Cindy Preville 

I call Laura my “Angel Agent” !!!! I was looking for an extraordinary real estate agent and I found her! I will never need to look again.

She is ray of sun piercing through the clouds.

Laura worked hard to get me this house. There were many time-sensitive moments of flux where it could have all fallen apart. She was on the ball, watching for cues, ready to act exactly when I needed her to. She was amazing in every single way a human being can show up. If I ever decide to sell, it will be Laura that I will ask to sell my house. If I want to buy another house or land, it will be Laura that I will ask to help me buy what I’m looking for. Even if I choose to buy a foreign property, I would still like to see Laura involved. She is professional, thorough, kind, effective, and HONEST!!! It’s like finding a polished diamond among the rough rocks out there! Everything I want in a real estate agent, I have truly found it in Laura. Laura is one beautiful human being, inside and out. I feel so lucky to have met her and I will NEVER forget all that she did for my son and I.


Cindy Preville

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