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DIY Outdoor Edition: How To Elevate Your Backyard Space 

Elevating your property is a trend that took off with the pandemic. If we had to spend all of our time at home, away from people, why not make the best of it? Many people transformed their living spaces, created offices away from the family, renovated kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, or applied fresh paint to give the home a more modern look. Now that the interior of your home is looking fabulous, it’s time to move outdoors while the weather is right. Your backyard should be more than just some patchy grass or concrete, it should be a place to escape and enjoy. It is an extension of your home, and this summer is the time to make it feel just like that. Whether you want to add in some of your favourite art or decor or truly transform the space into a mini retreat for you and your family, improving your backyard will have you enjoying your home fully, both indoors and out in no time at all. Here are some ideas to turn your backyard into the best possible space for you this summer. 


The Illusion of Privacy

Over the past year, many people have altered their expectations when it comes to what they are looking for in a house. When you ask people today, one of the top concerns is space, and privacy. While you likely can’t make your backyard any bigger in square footage, you can certainly create a more private retreat. Look into building tall privacy fences or lining your backyard with trees, bushes, a pergola or a gazebo. Even if your neighbours can still hear you (and if you are living in the city, they likely can) you can still create the illusion that privacy exists in your own backyard. 


A Place To Escape

Elevating your backyard in 2021 means creating a space where you can escape for a little while to enjoy the fresh air, without ever leaving your home. With many people now working from home, and an uncertain future about online or remote schooling, it seems there are always more bodies in the house than there were before. In order to get away from the mayhem indoors, you will need a retreat to which you can duck out to right in your own backyard. Add in some comfortable patio furniture, a hammock, a cozy egg chair, or something else you can lay down on so that you can enjoy relaxing outside for longer periods of time. Incorporate things that make you feel calm, like some string lights, or nice artwork and decor hanging from your fence of trees. Making this space unique and conducive to relaxation will be a benefit not only for you, but also to prospective home buyers who may be looking for the same thing down the road. 


Painting and Staining

Over the Ottawa winter, our decks and fencing can begin looking dingy and dated. Enhance your backyard aesthetic by improving the appearance with a fresh coat of paint or exterior wood stain. There are pros and cons about both paint and stain, and whatever you choose will be based on your own personal preferences: Are you looking for a pop of colour, or a natural wood finish? Both will refresh the appearance of your deck, but paint will last longer and is easier to maintain, while stain provides a natural look and is more budget friendly. 


Create an Outdoor Living Space

Make your patio over the top and prize worthy this summer, instead of keeping it as the boring slab of concrete you know it to be. Create an outdoor living space with weatherproof furniture, different textures of pillows and rugs, with beautiful multi-layered flower beds surrounding, With some imagination, you can transform this space into a seasonal living quarters that you and your family will fall in love with, and one that your guests will admire. 


Outdoor Kitchen or Bar

Really elevate your space this summer by creating an outdoor kitchen or bar where you can store drinks, and wash your dishes without ever having to go back inside. Build yourself some countertops and cabinets and incorporate a sink if you can. Add in a bar with some bar stools, and a mini fridge or drink cooler so that you can keep drinks cold at all times. With the right space and enough planning, your outdoor kitchen will help you feel like you’re entering a resort everytime you walk out back. 

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